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The team here at Stubborn Oven simply love to clean ovens and we believe that cleaning your oven properly, should be left to the experts. Cleaning an oven requires a lot of elbow grease. You need patience and time to be able to successfully remove grime, grease, carbon deposits or any leftovers from last week's Sunday roast. And these days, who has the patience or the time? That's where we come in. Our Oven Cleaners in Perth will clean your Oven, Stove Top and Rangehood, professionally. We're all police cleared, experienced cleaners and because we care about the environment, we don’t use any nasty chemicals.

If your Oven is a grime-scene, we'll come in and clean it up!




We're Family. 

Stubborn Oven was established in 2015. We found that the conventional way of cleaning an Oven was time-intensive, required the use of dangerous corrosive sprays and caustic chemicals and the results from doing so, were always average at best. They knew there had to be a better way. Using biodegradable plant-based solutions, and adapting professional techniques and equipment, they found a way to achieve exceptional results; restoring old, tired, greasy ovens back to showroom condition. They travel all over the Perth area at no extra cost to you - whether you live along the white sandy beaches at Yanchep to the coastal plain of Mandurah, and even out to the Hills, they will come to you.




“I sent photos of the finished job to my property manager as I was so happy with the result I thought she might want to recommend your service to other tenants.”

“I needed the job done at quite short notice due to late cancellation of a competitor. Booking the time was easy, contact was made quickly & the job done well, even being finished earlier. Would happily use again.”

“Alex was very polite, informative, clean and tidy.”





We've seen all shapes and sizes, old and new, and they all require the same thing - attention to detail, exceptional care and handling, gentle degreasing and high-level polishing. We clean the Glass inside the Door if needed and replace your Oven Globe for free!

Stove Tops

The Stove Top is a place where frying, basting, marinating, and sautéing  can mean more grease and grime built up than you'd expect. Run your hands along your trivets and they won't lie about how much fun you've been having, but we can give you a clean slate.


It's just moisture they suck up, right? Hmm try again! We remove the filters and scrub out all the... well, we don't even know what it is, but we know it's been there a long time and it's greasy and oily. After a detailed polish, we'll get your Rangehood looking like new in no time...


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Book Online to get your Oven cleaned when you want.

Don’t waste your time calling a competitor’s office somewhere only to be redirected days later to a technician.
Don’t hurt yourself with toxic sprays that are caustic, can damage your Oven and impact your own wellbeing.
Don’t waste your energy scrubbing and soaking just to achieve a poor result. We won’t judge you if you tried your best and need our help - it’s quite common!

You don’t need a quote - just find the time that works best for you and we will see you then! 


Give The Gift Of A Clean Oven

It’s a simple gift but it truly means a lot to those who receive it. Cleaning Ovens are a dirty, time consuming job and we know it’s nice to give back to someone you care about…