Frequently Asked Questions


I live 30 minutes out from the city - can you still help me?

We don't charge you any extra depending on where you live in the Perth Metro Area. 

If you live over two hours from Perth, we still would love to come out to you; there is a lot of ground to cover so $50 is the only additional cost to have us get to your Stubborn Oven, or if your neighbour or local friend needs their oven cleaned on the same day, we can waive that charge.

My oven is thick with grease - will this be more expensive?

Not at all! We base our set-pricing on the size of the Oven, not on the condition it is in. This applies to all items we clean.

I have a dog, will that be okay?

of course! We only use gentle solutions to help us get your Oven clean so they are 100% pet-friendly and earth-friendly. We use these solutions everyday and even for our health, we wouldn't want to use anything that could potentially cause harm.

For more information about the solutions we use click to visit Method

Do you do bundles or specials?

We reward those who like to get more than one item done at a time, that's why our GRIME SCENE clean is discounted to $199 for Small Oven, Small Stove Top (4 Burners) and Small Rangehood - saving $40!

We also offer a subscription cleaning service where you pay a set amount monthly and can call us out at any time.

Do I have to pay you on the day?

We do require payment on the day - either by Cash or Credit Card. This is so we can be sure you are also happy with the final results once we do a final inspection of the oven with you, and for us, to prevent any issues in receiving Late payments and adding additional fees.

Do I need to be home?

We are police-cleared and insured for your ease of mind and we are very experienced - some clients like to leave a key out for us and we will always let you know when we have locked up and left.


What if I am not happy with the clean?

After every clean, we enjoy showcasing our work to you and we also encourage you to inspect the oven and surfaces before paying as we want to ensure you are happy and pleased with the final results. once we leave and if something is not right, Please let us know straight away and we will immediately return and rectify any wrong-doings.

if more than twenty-four hours has passed, it is more difficult for us to determine an appropriate resolution as the oven may have been used therefore undoing our work, or any new damage is difficult to associate the cause. we also ensure a notice is signed off on before we work on any appliance we deem unsafe, or is already in disrepair, or poor condition.

please note: we do not clean the surfaces around the oven, stove top or rangehood such as walls, cupboards, shelving units and floors
(although we do our very best to prevent additional spoiling of such areas and endeavour to ensure our work space is cleaned up once we are packed away)

Why should I get you to clean my oven?

Although we care deeply about bringing the best out of your oven, what truly separates us from our competitors, is that:

- You are in control: Book Online what you want cleaned, when you want it. No waiting, no calling… it’s easy.
- We’ve been keeping ovens clean since 2015
- No hidden costs
- We only use plant-based, biodegradable solutions
- We're a family-run, WA owned and operated business
- We're fully insured
- We're police cleared
- We travel all over the Perth metro area at no extra charge to you
- We don't charge you extra if you need the Internal Glass Panes cleaned in your Oven Door
- We also replace your Oven Globe light at no extra charge!

I have a self-cleaning Oven.
Are you able to clean it?

Yes. Most Self Cleaning Ovens have panels along the interior walls that burn off fatty residue and oils (provided the Oven is hot enough). So while this panel is self-cleaning; the Oven itself is not. Behind this panel, grease and oil can still contaminate your Oven and food, so we deep clean your Oven to make sure it is spotless.

How often will my oven need to be cleaned?

We recommend at least twice a year, but quarterly visits are common. It really depends on you, How often you use your Oven, and what you cook in it can greatly alter the level of cleanliness. that doesn't mean you should pay for being an awesome chef - discounts apply to those who get multiple cleans a year. All it takes is a look inside; check out your racks and interior Oven and see for yourself if it needs it.

How do I make a booking?

click the link here to Book Online 
from here, select the size of your oven, stove top and/or rangehood.
find an available time that suits you.
enter your address and contact details and we will see you then.

please email us on if you have any questions.